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I have come to the conclusion that Vladimir Putin may be the… - Black Thought Against A Backdrop of Whiteness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Black Thought

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[Sep. 12th, 2007|10:12 pm]
Black Thought

I have come to the conclusion that Vladimir Putin may be the smartest (and definitely the shrewdest) politician of the last 50 years. While Dubya was busy extolling the virtues of being a "C student", Russia elected a genius.

With his country in shambles after years of shoveling everything they had into the Cold War fire, Putin proceeded to solicit money from American energy companies in order to develop oilfields in Siberia. This was money that came from you and me in the form of what we paid for gasoline and heating fuel. Then, once the oilfield development was near completion, he told the American oil companies to "get to steppin'" (however you say that in Russian) and nationalized the various oil projects. Now that money from said projects is rolling in, he's investing it in.......you guessed it....rebuilding the Russian military.

Today he disbanded his cabinet and prime minister, pretty much leaving himself with unchecked power until such time as he can engineer another election in which is anointed successor is "elected".

And............this past week, they tested the largest non-nuclear bomb ever produced.

In his wildest dreams, Dubya could never be this brilliant. I think the American people have been cheated.