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Most Whites, Including "Progressive" Bloggers, Don’t Think Jena Six Charges Are Wrong - Black Thought Against A Backdrop of Whiteness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Black Thought

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Most Whites, Including "Progressive" Bloggers, Don’t Think Jena Six Charges Are Wrong [Sep. 27th, 2007|09:41 am]
Black Thought


More on Jena 6 @ BlackPerspective.net

Support is coming in from all over for the Jena 6, except from white, so-called “progressive” bloggers.

They just make excuse after excuse (read comments to both post), and even claim the charges against the Jena 6 are valid. They even have the gall to say they didn’t blog on it because they couldn’t find information about it. That’s so fucking funny. I guess us Black folks have a special internet connection that leads us to different web pages than white bloggers have access to. That damn digital divided! We need more funding to support white blogger net accessibility.

I know for a fact that they are a lie, and you do too. If they wanted to find information, it was in the exact same places you and I found it. As a matter of fact I posted white reporter Amy Goodman’s article on my blog, over and over again; and my blog continually comes up at the top of net searches for "Michael Bell" and "The Jena 6" - I have the blog stats to prove it. I also then started posting Mary Mitchell’s stuff at the Chicago Sun Times, and she blogged on it regularly. Further, I posted many other resources over and over again, such as the Free The Jena 6 page . I was far from the only one.

This goes back to the point that I keep telling Black people. White folks are not going to love you no matter how much you beg them. In one comment, a white person said it was our job to make them relate, and to convince them they should be outraged. Do you here that? It’s not outrageous to them to see Black people treated poorly. They're easily outraged over dogs, but apparently we don't qualify. We are not people for who injustisce against should upset them.

Same commenter notifies us that we dare not “lecture”; clearly, we are to beg them to think that human beings with darker skin should be treated like human beings. They don’t already think that on their own, and it’s up to us to be Magical Negroes that can take them to that special place where they will, by their grace, impart upon us sympathy and compassion that we don’t deserve.

Your liberal white friends in the bloggosphere think those niggers should go to jail too - for a school yard fight that happens every day, and was provoked. Not suspended as is what happened when I witness a group of black kids stomp another black kid when I was in high school over something that's way less a provocation than racial taunting and intimidation; but that their black asses should be locked down. Not even for misdemeanor assault, but for years! They only have problems with it when it was going to be 80 to 100 years, then it’s excessive; but 15 years, ahh, that’s just fine.

Whites willing to call out injustice

No doubt there are some white persons out here willing to call out injustice. A few rode down to Jena with the group of 500 that we took from Nashville, and donated some money. Also, the Cambridge Massachusetts City Council, who though I didn’t look, feel safe in assuming is by far white, passed a resolution in support of the young men. And for one, blogger Cooper, has posted about it regularly for at least the last month. For another, Tom at automatic preferences helped put together the first Jena 6 petition, and is even challenging other whites to look at the situation from a standpoint of if they were in black folks shoes. Somehow these white folks found some facts.

Yet, even with these few; if liberals are so unconcerned about racial injustice, dismissive of Black people’s perspective, and have such white privilege blinders on, and most white people are conservative; how do you figure we are into anything less than a fight for our lives in this country, across the board of various issues? The umbrella issues being simply equality and equal protection under the law.

Know what you’re up against Black folks. Stop walking around in your rose-colored eyeglass delusion.

From: (Anonymous)
2007-09-27 03:17 pm (UTC)
This is a test. This is only a test of the anonymous comments system.
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-09-27 07:34 pm (UTC)

MNore white folks should stand if they claim the justice system is equal opportunity

Indeed. It's good that some white folks are sane and just, but far too many think they are better and could care less what has been done to the black community because they don't want the guilt of the actions that have historically ran black culture into the ground, purposefully and blatantly.
One way or another a change is gonna come and we'll see the true colors of EVERYONE then. Stay strong. Stay Aware,

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From: thin_black_duke
2007-09-28 05:11 pm (UTC)
"That damn digital divided! We need more funding to support white blogger net accessibility."

That cracked me up!

Wouldn't matter though. Remember, many "progressives" that did find information claimed it was all incoherent.
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[User Picture]From: yobachi2003
2007-09-28 05:49 pm (UTC)
I think a lot of these white folks are pussy who got beat up by a black person one time, many of them while in school; and like white folks almost always do, they blame all blacks for what one does.

Conversely, they don't blame all whites for that white kid who beat them up. When something happens to them at the hands of a black person "it was that 'black guy'". When something happens to them at the hands of a white person "it was Josh that beat me up". It's an individual person when a white person does something, it's black people when a black person does something.

But yeah, that "it was incoherent" stuff is a convenient lie! It's not incoherent to me. It's not incoherent to white people like Tom who I linked to in the post.
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