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One thing you learn growing up in the city is how to read the… - Black Thought Against A Backdrop of Whiteness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Black Thought

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[Apr. 23rd, 2008|02:43 pm]
Black Thought
One thing you learn growing up in the city is how to read the environment. You can take a quick view of a situation and quickly determine who is friend or foe. Like a snake, you can take a quick whiff of the air and smell tension. To this day, I can look at a group of folks and tell you if there's about to be some trouble. Whenever I sit in a public place, I can tell you exactly where the exit doors are and who might not look quite right. My wife grew up in the burbs. She thinks I'm nuts.

Anyway, this morning I'm reading some of the national press coverage of last night's primary results in Pennsylvania, and I'm getting a feeling. It's the same feeling I'd get if I pulled up to an ATM and saw a guy looking as though he was having car trouble: he MIGHT genuinely be having car trouble, but I'm not about to risk it to find out, better find another ATM. So here we are with Obama's lead in delegates and pledged delegates and all anybody can go on about is how Hillary can pull this thing off. Strange. That's when I saw it:

"Are you a student of history," said Pennsylvania State Rep. Richard T. Grucela, who represents the 137th state assembly district, when asked how Clinton could win the nomination when Obama is now leading by 139 delegates before Tuesday's Primary. "If they are deadlocked on the first ballot, the delegates will be released from their pledges on later votes."

I smell the makings of a robbery. It feels like the guy on the train offering a friendly game of 3 card monte.

[User Picture]From: littleeva
2008-04-23 08:19 pm (UTC)
The corporate run media knows what they are doing; they are pitting Clinton and Obama supporters against each other so when one of them gets the nomination, the supporters of the other candidate will be angry and not vote at all, so McCain wins by default, which is what the corporate run media wants anyway.
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