Black Thought Against A Backdrop of Whiteness

Black Thought
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This space is setup for the exploration and cultivation of Black thought in regards to various social/legal/political; ideological; and sociological issues regarding Black people particularly in North America, but also throughout the Diaspora in general.

The nature of this place is to take an intellectual and somewhat academic approach to dissecting and dialoging about those things endemic to the Black experience and or of high concern to the Black Community.

Deconstruction of white supremacy and the psychological fallacies that ail African Peoples is the overriding theme and purpose; along with the purpose of disseminating information and knowledge.

Moderated by: yobachi2003

Membership and Posting
Anybody will be able to view entries, but membership and posting is for Black people only. It’s open registration, but I reserve the right to block anyone who is determined not to actually be Black.

Community Activity

Canon Building:
We want to build a canon of books that under-gird our paradigmatic perspective. Canon being and agreed upon standard or criterion; a basis for judgment.

The activity is that everyone upon joining must present three books that contribute to the positive building of the Black psyche, contribute to knowledge of self, reconstruction of true Black history, or deconstruction of white supremacy and racist misinformation; and a brief description of its attributes. Then the other members shall vote up or down on the recommendation. All those voted into affirmatively will be listed here on this info page as part of the Canon.

Forum Rules
Pretty Simple:

1) You have to post in good faith. That is you have to post with the intent of staying in line with the focus of the community. Coming here to flame is prohibited.

2) Heated debate is perfectly fine, and I'm not going to play daddy; but attack the argument not the arguer. Yet, harassing and badgering are not allowed. If it reaches that extent you will be blocked

3) Use LJ-Cuts when warranted. Basically if it’s going to be more than 5 paragraphs, put a cut after probably the 3rd paragraphor 4th (you can use discretion). Also if you have a large pic, more than two pics, or one of questionable taste, put them under a cut. And for anything questionable you need to add a tag warning that it’s not work safe; which leads to the next rule:

4) No porn. If it’s something semi-pornographic that has a point, fine, but not gratuitous sexual images just for the hell of it.

5) No Cooning and no trolling